Union Meeting Minutes July 1, 2009


Meeting called to order @ 7:00 p.m.

Thanks to Bert Weisner for the food and the drinks at tonight’s meeting…

Announced guests in attendance… Two carriers from the Silver Spring Branch.

1) Roll call- All Present except for Financial Sec-Treasurer Beth Parsons.

2) Minutes from the June Meeting. Motion to dispense with reading the June Minutes and accept as written. Motion by Shearly Shawn 2nd. by Clay Baldwin, motion carries.

3) Communications

A) Next Union Meeting is Wed. Aug. 5, 2009 @ 7:00p.m.

B) Next Executive Board Meeting is Wed. July 29 @ 6:30p.m.

C) Next Steward’s Meeting is Wed. July 8 @ 6:30p.m.

D) Grievances of note. Read at Meeting.

E) Election Notice. Everyone see it? Answer (YES)

F) Clockrings after 1800. This is very IMPORTANT for the upcoming arbitrations concerning the alleged Window of Operation.

G) Please consider signing for COLCPE !!!!! Our COLCPE coordinators are Shearly Shawn and Tom Preston. Important bills in Congress that affect Letter Carriers and their families were discussed.

H) Moment of silence for the passing of Rod Rascoe and anyone who wished to reflect on Rod Rascoe...

I) Any comments on our newsletter or web site? Our web site is www.nalc3825.com Kenneth Lerch asked Mike Shawn if we could push back the newsletter until August due to the heavy grievance load in Gaithersburg, Germantown and Potomac. Mike Shawn agreed.

J) Kenneth Lerch has selected Raj Babra to replace Steve Klein as Trustee. Chester Crews is the new Shop Steward for Gaithersburg Main Office. Tim Smith is the new Shop Steward for the Pike Annex. Mike Curley will remain the Chief Shop Steward there.

K) NALC Bulletin dated June 5, 2009. Read at meeting. Talks about Bill Young’s retirement July 3rd., 5 day delivery, food drive reaches record amount, and the JCAM is now on line.

L) Scab List. Read at meeting.

M) NALC Bulletin dated June 18, 2009. Read at meeting. Talked about sick leave for FERS, and, Thrift Savings Plan proposed changes.

N) Thank you card from Tonya Detrick, our state President. Read at meeting.

4) Application for Membership- J. Grant (ret.)

6) Committee Reports

A) Picnic update (Aug. 2.) Committee (Coordinator- Kevin Abernathy, Chuck Clark, Chris Lively, Tom Preston, Beth Parsons, Robert Weisner, George Abid, Sergio and Ismael Lemus.)

B) MDA fundraiser sum up of June 27. (26 bowlers.) The most in the State! ($390.00 cost) Now let’s get those pledges in and raise some serious money for MDA.

7) MBA REPORT – None.



A) This passed at the March Union meeting. Reimbursement for State Convention - $5,000 divided by the number of delegates with a compensation cap of mileage, hotel, registration plus $25.00 per day. Everyone makes their own reservations and must have given their $50.00 check to the branch for registration by June 1.

Also, you must be present for 75% of the meetings prior to the Convention in order to qualify for any reimbursement (Article 5 Section 3 of our by-laws.)

Did the Officers and Stewards pass out the Convention Material to the delegates? Answer (YES).

B) Trustees met on June 16. Another meeting is scheduled for July 7 at 6:00pm at the Union Office. Chairperson is Beth Parsons.

C) MIARAP sum up and questions. Talked about at meeting with Chuck Clark.

D) 8.5G costs and my estimate of 24 hours per week to run the branch. I have been working over 40 hours per week. Ken has put Amy Campain on full time due to the 8.5G’s out of the Gaithersburg Main Office and Potomac. Shearly Shawn and Tom Preston have been going to Damascus and seven more Formal A’s are coming up. Tom Preston and Amy Campain have been working on some Cabin John cases. Budgeted 6 and a half days per week. Ken has been using $4,000.00 per month over and above the 6 and a half days per week as authorized in Article 12 Sections 3a and 3b of our by-Laws.

EMERGENCY MOTION to fund the costs of these increased costs. Motion by Hugh McElroy. 2nd by Mike Hotovy to permit President Lerch to allocate any amount of money needed until the emergency situation ends. Motion carries unanimously.

E) The Executive Board has interpreted Article 4 Section 5 of the Branch by-laws to mean the following: Any person who wants to run for a Shop Steward election must get 20 percent of the members at that unit to sign a petition requesting such, and present this petition to the president of NALC branch 3825. If this is done, a sign will be posted at that unit asking for members to sign if they want to run for Shop Steward. An election will then be held as soon as possible. If only one person signs, then that person would become the Shop Steward by acclamation.

F) Motion for an additional $1,000.00 for this years Picnic, motion by Kevin Abernathy. 2nd.by Clay Baldwin. Motion carries.

G) The following were excused from tonight’s meeting: 1) Chris Lively, by Tom Preston. 2nd. by Kevin Abernathy. 2) Mike Shawn, by Bert Weisner. 2nd. by Matthew Ackah. 3) Chester Crews, by Matthew Ackah. 2nd.by Mike Hotovy. 4) Clariza Turner, by Kevin Abernathy. 2nd. by Sergio Lemus. 5) Shanelle Lewis, by Kevin Abernathy. 2nd by Mark Baker. 6) Clay Baldwin, ( For the month of June ) by Hugh McElroy. 2nd by Sergio Lemus.

10) Improvement of Service- None

11) Good of the Association- None

12) Treasurer’s Report- Motion to accept by Mike Hotovy. 2nd. by Matthew Ackah. Motion carries.

13) Motion to Adjourn- Motion by Clay Baldwin. 2nd. by Mike Butz. Motion carries Meeting Adjourned at 8:26p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Thomas A. Preston

Recording Secretary, Branch 3825