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Significant Arbitration Cites
Arbitrators Have Authority to Fashion Appropriate Remedies Arbitrations Paying Local Union for Repetitive Contract Violations


Outstanding Arbitration Awards (Dallas, TX & Toledo, OH)
for Non-Compliance and Repetitive Violations

"The results of the subject route count/inspection shall be maintained only until a new route count/inspection is held at the Caesar Clark Station within one hundred and twenty days (120) from the date of this award. Each letter carrier at the Caesar Clark Station relevant to this grievance shall receive a one-time payment of five hundred (500) dollars. The Union shall receive a one-time payment of five thousand (5,000) dollars toward the costs of processing this grievance."

"The Union is to receive payment from the Postal Service, Toledo Ohio for the sum of Five Thousand Dollars (5,000.00} toward the costs associated with having to file/defend another grievance of same/similar nature that has previously been settled."

Full Text

Full Text

Full Text


 Postal Record Scribe Article

April 2022


Spring 2022 UNITY 
The newsletter of Branch 3825

Previous Issues 

CCA Jobs

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Special Route Inspections

Handbook, M-39, 271.g: "If over any 6 consecutive week period (where work performance is
otherwise satisfactory) a route shows over 30 minutes of overtime or
auxiliary assistance on each of 3 days or more in each week during this
period, the regular carrier assigned to such route shall, upon request,
receive a special mail count and inspection to be completed within 4
weeks of the request."
Request for a Special Inspection
In addition to submitting your request to your postmaster, mail a copy of your request for a Special Inspection to the "Operations and Programs Support Manager" in your District. Include documentation showing that your route qualifies for the Special Inspection. This would be copies of the DOIS "Workhour/Workload Report" for your route covering at least a six week period. Your shop steward can request this information and assist you in identyfing the days that your route was over 8.50 hours during the required period.

FMLA Mailing Address

Untimely Pay Adjustment Results in an Additional $1980 to the Grievant and $1500 to the Branch

"Performance Engagement Tool" PET

"Demonstrated Performance Tool" DPT

PET Arbitration March 21, 2017

Granting Union Time, Frederick, Maryland

Management instructed to cease using DOIS projections and announcing all mail up, April 21, 2015

Failure to Meet at Formal A Complete Arbitration Award


4 Arbitration Wins in Toledo, Ohio-Escalating Remedies Paid to the Local NALC and Grievants


Step B Decision: Awards carriers $1320 each and local NALC 3825 $1500 for untimely pay adjustmsents

Step B Decision: Grievant awarded $300 and NALC local awarded $750 for violation of the Rockville Call-Back policy

Step B Decision: Management altered clock rings for one year and data declared as having integrity issues

Step B Decision: Grievant awarded $2500 when management fails to comply with a Step B decision to process a leave sharing request

36 Pre-Arbitration and Formal Step A Resoulutions: Pay Branch 3825 and the named letter carriers tens of thousands of dollars for untimely payment of grievance settlements

5 Formal Step A Resolutions: Pay Branch 3825 $7500 for management violation of the Rockville Information Request policy

2 Informal Step A Resolutions: CCAs paid an additional 50% for work over 11.5 hours a day

5 Formal Step A Resolutions: Local 3825 Paid $1500 for each Violation of the Rockville Union Time Policy

Formal Step A Reolution: Carrier paid $250 and medical bills paid when management fails to provide them with a Form CA-1

2 Formal Step A Resolutions: Cease and Desist using code 733 or any code other than 721 when delivering parcels

Formal Step A Reolution: Cease and desist having carriers collate or merge flats on the street rather than in the office

Pre-Arbitration Resolution: Pays Branch 3825 $500 for management failure to provide union a Form 1723

Pre-Arbitration Resolution: Pays the grievant $300 and Branch 3825 $750 for violation of the Rockville Call-Back Policy

Arbitration Award: 2012, Denver, CO, includes TSP in the make whole award


Additional Branch 3825 Monetary Settlements

Arbitration Awards Supporting an Arbitrators Right to Fashion a Remedy to Stop Repeat Contract Violations

Arbitration Cites

Arbritrations to Support Union Position That Management Failure to Provide Written Contentions Bars Their Case at
Step B/Arbitration

Arbitrations Awarding the Local NALC Branch a Monetary Award for Repetetive Contract Violations

Capital District FMLA Submitting Information

The Artificial Undertime supporting documents package

Oct.8, 2018, event Mail is Not For SALE, Convention & 2016, 2017 Branch Picnic Pictures & more by Raj Babra



A Grand Alliance to save USPS
Customer Rights
when the Postal Service
Solicits to Change the Mode of Mail Delivery

Delivery Standards

USPS Service Standards

USPS Service Standards Map

USPS Color Coding

National Color Code Policy (Date not known)

GAO Report on Service Standards, 2014

USPS Delivery Standards April, 2014

USPS OIG Report on Color Coding, 2007

In The News....

UPS-Teamsters labor deal tackles weekend deliveries, potential for drones and driverless vehicles

Non-Career Employee Turnover OIG Report

Rethinking Mailbox Access

OIG Report: City Carriers Returning after 5 PM in Capital District

USPS OIG Report: The USPS is not prepared to handle the projected increase in parcel volume.  Carrier (CCA) retention needs to improve from the 19% attrition rate and vehicle modifications are needed.  Full report, pdf.

What happens if America loses its unions

Can Part-Time Retirement Save USPS?

USPS OIG: Employee Retirement Options  .pdf

OIG Report on Unauthorized Overtime  PDF

Expert: USPS pullout would jeopardize federal health insurance program

Management Advisory – Management of City Letter Carriers’ Street Performance (PDF) An OIG Report Covering DOIS Reports, Evaluated Routes and GPS Devices                                                                  

Annapolis, Maryland injured carrier discovers video camera attached to a utility pole outside his home.

A close-up of the camera and a shot of the camera attached to the pole.   We were informed that this camera has been removed.  The author of this story believes that this "publicity" may have expedited the removal process.

Read an e-mail we received from former National NALC President, 1968-1977, Jim Rademacher. 

 Video of picketing at USPS Headquarters, L'Enfant Plaza, April 16, 2007.                     

April 16, 2007 video of marchers staging on the mall and the march to USPS headquarters. 

Member Resources......

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Arbitration, Step A & B Decisions

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UNITY the Branch 3825 Newsletter

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Weingarten Rights Article From Br. 43

 Weingarten Card

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Retirement Information FERS   CSRS

Entering Information in the ETC for Assistance You Provide to Other Routes

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American Postal Workers Union-APWU

More Retirement Information & Forms


Pay Chart November 2021

 Federal Times Paper 

CCA Training

Proof of Employment & Income

Postal News

Carrier On-the-Job Training Manual

Module 4: On-the-Job Training Task Checlist

Carrier training Administrator Guide

USPS Flexible Spending Account FSA Claim Form 

NALC Health Benefit Plan

USPS Every Door Direct-EDDM Mapping Tool Shows
the Territory on All Routes

PS Form 3996

Postal Reporter

FMLA & Disability

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Dept. of labor Form WH-381   Notice of Eligibility, Rights and Responsibilities  FMLA

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How to Read your Pay Stub


Law Firm Explanation of Disability Retirement

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USPS Web Site

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Postal Record Article: Waiver of Claim...Erroneous Payment

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NALC Br. 3 Buffalo, New York


Family and Medical Leave Basics

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January 16, 2009 Revised FMLA

Route Inspections

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 Dog Bite Awareness

Montgomery County, MD Animal Control Information

The Route Inspection Process


Route Inspection Form 1838-C

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SL Requested-Diagnosis NOT Required    

Minor Route Adjustment Memorandum, August 1, 2008

Quotes in Support of Organized Labor

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NALC Route Inspection Handbook

Creating a New USPS Personal Identification Number...PIN

Bereavement Leave

Carrier Casing Standards

2016 Region 13 Training & Event Schedule


Safety and Health Publications


Minor Route Adjustment NALC White Paper

JARAP 2011 - COR - DEAT- LOC - 3999 Page

Accident Report Form 1769

Special Inspections

FSS Flats Sequencing System Information Page

What a Federal Employee Should do When Injured on the Job

CCA Questions & Answers

CCA Information

NALC, CCA Rights & Benefits

CCA 4/2 Hour Guarantee, Standby Time & Sunday Premium Pay

CCA Continuation of Pay (COP) & Wage-Loss Compensation when Injured on the Job

20 CFR 10.216

CCAs and Opting Hold-Downs

Hold-Down Form

Steward Resources........

Grievance Forms

Steward Forms

Contract Enforcement & Defending Discipline

2016 Grievance Form 8190

WORD .docx

Union Meeting Minutes Branch 3825 

    Grievance Investigation

2016 Grievance Form 8190 .pdf

Forms Numbers and List

Defenses to Discipline  NALC

Defense to Discipline  Mail Handlers

Dispute Resolution Time Line

Grievance Checklist NALC Br. 38 

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The Legal Rights of Stewards

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Overtime Offered and Declined

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  Management of Delivery Services M-39

Pre-Arbitration Settlement Form

Joint Contract Administrative Manual JCAM

March 2022

USPS Work & Time Forms

  Materials Reference System MRS 

September 2009

Supervisor's Guide to Handling Grievances EL-921

 DOIS Reports

An Explanation of DOIS Reports

Addressing Contract Violations and Defending Against Discipline

Pivoting City Delivery

MODS Operation Codes

PS, SF, CA, TSP, FMLA Forms, NALC Br. 38

AM & PM Unit Review

DOIS: What You Should Know

Contract Talk, Activist & White Papers

Supervisor's CA-1 Checklist

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TACS Exception Reports Guide


Time to Vote

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ELM 48


Contract Enforcement & Defending Discipline Attendance Checklist for Grievance
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