Branch Union Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2008


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.

Standing ovation for the election of Barack Obama on November 4, 2008.

Les Gaynair spoke about the election and the new direction this country is going to go.

Thanks to Bert Weisner for the food and drinks at tonight’s meeting.

Announced guests in attendance...carriers from Wheaton’s Post Office.

1. All present at roll call except for Mike Curley. (sick leave)

2. Minutes from the October meeting. Motion to dispense with reading the October minutes and accept as written and distributed. Motion by Mike Shawn. Second by Clay Baldwin. Motion carries.

3. Communications

A) NEXT UNION MEETING IS WED. Dec 3, 2008 at 7:00pm. (This is the Installation of officers!) NBA Tim Dowdy and Jos Williams will be here!

B) NEXT EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING IS Tues. Nov. 25 (Because Thanksgiving is on Thurs.) at 6:30pm.

C) NEXT STEWARD’S MEETING IS Wed. Nov. 12 at 6:30pm.

D) Grievances of note. Read at meeting.

E) Penalty overtime exclusion. Dec. 6, 2008 thru Jan. 2, 2009.

F) Clockrings after 1800 – Tell your Shop Stewards! We need these to prevail in any Window of Operation arbitration!

G) Please consider signing up for COLCPE. Our COLCPE coordinators are Hugh McElroy and Shearly Shawn. They have packets to give out concerning important bills in Congress.

H) NALC Bulletin dated 10-3-08. Young talks about Postal video. 7 hours 40 min of street work. Young says NOT!

I) Thanks to Chuck Clark, our website is WWW.NALC3825.COM. (Any comments or suggestions?)

J) Newsletter (Any comments or suggestions?) A lot of good articles.

K) NBA comm. dated 10-1-08. Read at meeting. Talked about early out retirement, open season, route inspection and Article 12 withholding.

L) We are currently 97.5% Unionized!!!! Good.

M) Website comm. – email from Philly Shop Steward. He checks every day for help and said he likes it better than National’s website.

N) NALC Bulletin dated 10-27-08 Read at meeting talks about USPS NALC contract Adj. Contracting out.




7) MBA REPORT – None.



A) Passed out copies of the big pay raises for top Postal mgt. Read at meeting. Here is one example. Post Master General 39% increase in pay $186, 000.00 to $258,000.00 per year.

B) Should we send new Shop Stewards to training in Charlottesville, Va. And pay hotel, lost-time, registration and mileage? No hands went up.

C) By-Laws update. George Abid sent the updated By-Laws to National and we are waiting for a response.

D) M-01694 and M-01695. Read at meeting. Talks about route adjustments and stopping the contracting out of our jobs for the life of the contract and provides much new territory to City Delivery. Chuck Clark is working at the District level. Steve Klein is to over-see the local route inspections.

E) Correspondence dated 11/01/08. Passed out and read at meeting. Talked about route adjustment agreement – required actions.

F) Motion to excuse Amy Campain from tonight’s meeting by Tom Preston. Second by Mike Shawn. Motion carries.

G) Motion to excuse from tonight’s meeting and October’s meeting, Mike Butz by Tom Preston. Second by Mike Shawn. Motion carries.

H) Motion to excuse from tonight’s meeting Mike Curley by Shearly Shawn. Second by Mike Shawn. Motion carries.

I) Motion to excuse from tonight’s meeting Chester Crews by Hugh McElroy. Second by Greg Brooks. Motion carries.

J) Motion to excuse from tonight’s meeting Antonio Outlaw by Bert Weisner. Second by Beth Parsons. Motion carries.

K) Motion to excuse from tonight’s meeting Mark Hicks by Steve Klein. Second by Shearly Shawn. Motion carries.

L) A complaint by Mr. Ho concerning double union dues. President Lerch told Mr. Ho to speak to the Business Agent about this.

M) A question was asked about a holiday Gala party. President Lerch said we are trying to build up a war chest of $300,000.00 to fight the attacks coming. Such as; abolishing routes and thus Carriers, increase in discipline, the excessing of Carriers and attacks on Article 8.


11) GOOD OF THE ASSOCIATION. Les Gaynair gave kudos to Greg Brooks and Bert Weisner for their work as Stewards at Potomac Station while he was out ill.

12) TREASURER’S REPORT. Read at meeting. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report by Mike Shawn. Second by Steve Klein. Motion carries.

13) MOTION TO ADJOURN. Motion by Sergio Lemus. Second by Clay Baldwin. Motion carries. Meeting adjourned 8:09pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Thomas A. Preston

Recording Secretary, Branch #3825