Minutes for Union Meeting July 2, 2008


Meeting called to order 7:00 p.m.

Thanks to Bert Weisner for the food and drinks at tonight’s meeting

Welcome carriers from Bethesda and Wheaton Post Offices.

1) All present except for V. P. Amy Campain and trustee Mike Curley.

2) Minutes for last months meeting cancelled due to the storm….Motion to dispense with reading the May minutes and accept as written and distributed. Motion by Beth Parsons. 2nd. by Shearly Shawn. Motion carries.

3) Communications

A) Next union meeting is Wed. Aug. 6, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.

B) Next Executive Board Meeting is Wed. July 30, at 6:30 p.m.

C) Next Steward’s meeting is Wed July 9, at 6:30 p.m.

D) Grievances of note** Two Months worth, so there will be a lot of them. Read at Meeting.

E) Minor Route adj. letter dated 05-22-08 from the District Office. 3999’s being conducted by contractors last week M. O. Rockville. Same Carrier on route and the word “ MAY” in 141.19 of M-39. Mgt. wants to abolish the router time at Potomac.

F) Clockrings after 1800. Ken needs these for Window of Operation cases.

G) Please consider signing up for COLCPE.

H) NALC Bulletin dated May 16, 2008. Read at meeting. Talked about three day waiting period for workman’s comp. leave. Also, COLA is now at $633.00.

I) Thanks to Chuck Clark, our Web site is WWW.NALC3825.com ( Any comments or suggestions? )

J) Election Notice sent to The Postal Record. Nominations are Sept.3, 2008.

K) Call back/unauthorized overtime settlement. Talked about at meeting.

L) Article on 3996,s from our good friend Jerry DePoe from Branch 1111 out of Oakland, CA. Read at meeting as well as distributed.

M) NALC Bulletin dated June 3, 2008. Food drive sum-up.

N) NON-Member report from NBA dated 05-29-08. We need to work on the TE’s to join. WE ARE 97 PERCENT ORGANIZED!

O) E-mail from Fred Rolando concerning FMLA. Read at meeting. Talked about Topeka KS. Letter.

P) NALC Bulletin dated June 13, 2008. Read at meeting. Obama invited to the NALC Convention. 3rd. COLA $956.00.

Q) NALC Bulletin dated June 27, 2008. Read at meeting. AFL-CIO endorsed Obama. National committee formed concerning the window of operation.

R) Start times at Potomac were not changed due to Chief Steward Les Gaynair’s ability to change Station Manager’s point of view.

4) Application for Membership- Next Month.


6) Committee Reports

A) Food Drive total 47,000 pounds. Over half was from Gaithersburg.

B) Picnic update. Aug. 10th. 10:00 a.m. until 8:00p.m. There are 250 pool passes. 1st come 1st. served ( limit on how many passes per family. Putt-Putt at own cost.

C) MDA Chairperson, Shearly Shawn will discuss the bowling fundraiser held on June 28, 2008. Tim Whitfield raised $ 297.00.

7) MBA Report.- None.

8) Health Benefits Report. None.


A) By-law proposals have been distributed. George Abid is the Chairperson and we thank him for the job he has done. We have met for close to a year. Do we have a motion to accept en bloc? Motion by Hugh McElroy. 2nd by Chester Crews. Motion Carries unanimously.

B) COLCPE. Our coordinators, Shearly and Hugh, will be putting together a packet of bills in Congress that support Letter Carriers to hand out.

C) National Convention in Boston, MA July 21-25. The reimbursement will be up to $750.00. However, we will receive the reimbursement when we come back with the receipts. If you want to stay at an NALC hotel, the deadline to give Amy your check for $185.00 was April 2. Otherwise, you had to make your own hotel reservations. You had to put in writing to Amy Campain (by April 2) if you wanted to go to the National Convention. You must have receipts for $750.00 or more in order to get the full $750.00 reimbursement!

D) Newsletter. Any comments or suggestions?

E) Pass out NALC e-Activist on Carrier Corps. Passed out at meeting.

F) Pass out AFL-CIO Working Families vote 2008 info on John McSame. Passed out at meeting.

G) Pass out NALC e-Activist comm. dated 6-10-08 on the nomination of Barack Obama.

H) Pass out PS 3801-A. Passed out at meeting.

I) Arbitration yesterday concerning the amount off in Choice for Potomac. Les Gaynair and Kenneth Lerch testified.

J) Motion to excuse Amy Campain from tonight’s meeting. Motion by Tom Preston. 2nd by Mike Hotovy. Motion Carries.

K) Motion to excuse Mike Curley from tonight’s meeting. Motion by Shearly Shawn. 2nd by Felecia Whitaker. Motion Carries.



12) TREASURER’S REPORT. Read at meeting. Motion to accept by George Abid. 2nd by Dominick Lignelli. Motion Carries.

13) MOTION TO ADJOURN. Motion by Clay Baldwin. 2nd by Shearly Shawn. Motion Carries. Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Thomas A. Preston

Recording Secretary Branch #3825