1. 53-2005-MS15. Step B. 7 DAY SUSPENSION alleging a ten minute extension of lunch and taking the lunch break in an unauthorized location is reduced to a Letter of Warning and further reduced from two years to 4 months and one day in the Grievant's OPF.

2. 53-2005-MS26. Informal A. Letter of Warning for having an at-fault vehicle accident is reduced to five months in OPF.

3. 53-2005-MS29. Formal A. Management scheduled in an ODL on their N/S day even though the carrier could not work 8 hours. Resolved; The carrier will be paid 2.70 hours of overtime.

4. 53-2005-MS30. Formal A. Grievant's absences of two days will be changed to protected absences under the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act).

5. 53-2005-MS47. Formal A. Grievant is hereby paid 2.50 hours for the time to drive to the medical unit at 9201 Edgeworth Drive, the time being cleared to return for work, and the time to drive back home. Grievant will also be paid mileage at the current rate.