1. 53-2004-DL41. Informal A. 7 DAY SUSPENSION alleging a failure to talk to a supervisor when calling in sick, and thus, AWOL is reduced to a Letter of Warning and further reduced to 9 months in OPF.

2. 53-2004-DL34. Formal A. Grievant had oral surgery and was out of work for 5 days. The FMLA "coordinator" determined that this was routine dental work, and thus, not covered by FMLA. Resolved; The absences will be changed to protected FMLA leave.

3. 53-2004-MS06. PRE-ARBITRATION. Letter of Warning alleging an at-fault vehicle accident is reduced to six months in OPF.

4. 53-2004-MS14. Formal A. Two PTF's were required to go to another installation (Bethesda) due to an alleged "emergency". Resolved; The two PTF's will receive 3.50 hours and 1.75 hours of Administrative Leave respectively.