1. 53-2004-DL33. PRE-ARBITRATION. Notice of Removal alleging a motor vehicle hit and run accident is reduced to a 14 DAY SUSPENSION. (There was some significant due process errors committed by management that allowed us to mitigate the discipline.)

2. 53-2004-DL50. Formal A. Notice of Removal for OWCP fraud. Grievance withdrawn as indefensible.

3. 53-2004-MS020. Formal A. 7 DAY SUSPENSION alleging a failure to talk to a supervisor when calling in sick is reduced to one year in OPF.

4. 53-2004-MS08. PRE-ARBITRATION. Letter of Warning alleging a day of AWOL is rescinded (management failed to provide any documents to support their allegations.)

5. 53-2004-MS019. Formal A. Letter of Warning alleging

4.93 hours of AWOL (documentation for absence deemed

unacceptable by management) is rescinded.

6. 53-2004-MS16. Formal A. Grievant will receive an escalating remedy of an additional $125.00 due to an untimely pay adjustment.

7. 53-2004-DL40A. Step B. Revocation of driving privileges alleging a hit and run accident. Driving privileges will be restored upon completion of a “Driving Refresher Training” class.

8. 53-2004-MS017. Step B. The 4.93 hours of AWOL is hereby changed to sick leave.

9. 53-2004-DL47. Informal A. Grievant, a PTF, was not paid 2 days of sick leave as requested and was LWOP‘ed. Resolved; Grievant will be paid 16 hours of sick leave.

10. 53-2004-DL14. Formal A. The supervisor stated that the Grievant was going to get suspended at the beginning of a pre-disciplinary interview (PDI). This is improper and the supervisors and 204b’s will be retrained.

11. 53-2004-DL15. Formal A. The week of AWOL is changed to LWOP.

12. 53-2004-MS021. Informal A. Letter of Warning alleging that the postal vehicle was left unlocked overnight and the keys were left in the rear door in a separate incident is reduced to a discussion.

13. 53-2004-MS023. Informal A. Letter of Warning for leaving the vehicle keys in the ignition (the keys were also stolen) is reduced to six months in OPF.

14. 53-2004-DL54. Formal A. Letter of Warning alleging an at-fault vehicle accident is reduced to six months in OPF.