On July 3, 2009 Fred Rolando was sworn in as the 18th president of the NALC. President Rolando will govern our Union during the most challenging and turbulent era ever faced by the Postal Service. Currently, the Postal Service is losing 2 BILLION DOLLARS per quarter! However, this is not a time for the NALC to panic. We have the resources and the right leader in Rolando, to overcome these daunting challenges. We will prevail because of the Solidarity of 300,000 active and retired Union Letter Carriers! That's always the answer to any challenge faced by organized labor. In our unity, lies our strength!

I have great confidence in Fred Rolando and have known him since 1988 when he was the president of Sarasota, Florida branch 2148. If someone was to ask Fred Rolando what his number one goal is at this time, I'm sure Fred would say; To improve the working conditions for Letter Carriers across the Country and to fight to insure that the Postal Service remains a viable institution well into the 21st century.

I attended a rally yesterday in DC, along with Fred Rolando, many other Letter Carriers and thousands of trade unionists, to support Richard Trumka as the next president of the AFL-CIO. You could sum up Trumka's tremendous speech with a chant; Wall Street says give back, Labor says FIGHT BACK! Right on Richard Trumka!!

Please visit our web site set up by Union Brother Chuck Clark at (WWW.NALC3825.COM). We have added important Step B decisions, Formal A settlements as well as arbitration decisions and some contentions. You can see how much money each supervisor in the nation makes. You can also see the number of stops on each route, and detailed colored maps for every route in the country!





Kenneth Lerch

President NALC 3825