We recently won cases at Step B paying ODL Carriers hour for hour at the appropriate overtime or penalty pay rate when management sends a TE employee from one installation to another. We argued successfully that the ODL's in the gaining installation were harmed. If a TE worked 5 hours, then 5 hours of overtime and/or penalty was awarded to the ODL's. The result was thousands of dollars awarded to the ODL's. Of course, you must prove that the TE's are being moved from one installation to another installation on more than an occasional basis in order to prevail in these types of cases. We had initiated more than 75 grievances on this issue. I want to thank our Vice President, Amy Campain, for all the hard work she put into these grievances!

We also received some precedent setting Step B decisions on Article 8 Section 5G (overtime issues) for SEXTUPLE TIME for each hour of violation. Thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars have recently been paid at PRE-ARB and/or Step B! It is now costing the Postal Service more than $150.00 per hour of violation! This breaks down to quadruple time for the NON-ODL ($100.00 per hour) and penalty pay for the ODL ($50.00 per hour.) We may have reached a monetary level where management is taking notice. Finally, the Article 8 Section 5G violations have slowed to a trickle! Thank goodness!

Please visit our web site set up by Union Brother Chuck Clark at (WWW.NALC3825.COM). We have added important Step B decisions, Formal A settlements as well as arbitration decisions and some contentions. You can see how much money each supervisor in the nation makes. You can also see the number of stops on each route, and detailed colored maps for every route in the country!


Kenneth Lerch

President NALC 3825