Our State Convention was held October 12 and 13 in Ocean City, Maryland. Our new State President, Tonya Detrick, did a fine job of running the convention. Tonya took over when Hugh McElroy was promoted to RAA. These two Union officers are experts in the grievance process. Tonya is the Step B Union advocate for our area and Hugh was the Chief Shop Steward at our Diamond Farms unit. Our National Executive Vice President, Gary Mullins, attended our convention and did a first-rate job of answering questions and conducting a presentation on the state of the Postal Service.

Our Vice President, Amy Campain, recently won lump sum payments of $50.00 at Step B for TE's who were sent out of their installation on more than an occasional basis. I believe these are the first monetary victories on this issue in the country! The entire case is posted on our web site (see below.) Amy had already won, at step B, overtime and penalty pay for the ODL's when a TE went into another installation (hour for hour.) These victories came with tremendous work and perseverance. Over 75 cases have been sent to Step B concerning TE's sent to other installations!

National Union President, Fred Rolando, did a tremendous job of explaining why health care reform is so important to Letter Carriers in his November Postal Record article.

Please visit our web site set up by Union Brother Chuck Clark at (WWW.NALC3825.COM). We have added important Step B decisions, Formal A settlements as well as arbitration decisions and some contentions. You can see how much money each supervisor in the nation makes. You can also see the number of stops on each route, and detailed colored maps for every route in the country!




Kenneth Lerch

President NALC 3825