1. 54-03-LG80. Informal A. 7 DAY SUSPENSION alleging unsafe driving is reduced to one year in OPF.

2. 54-03-LG74. PRE-ARBITRATION. Grievant requested FMLA forms. Management sent them 14 days later with a job threatening letter stating that the documentation had to be turned in within 5 days. Resolved; A 5 day letter such as this is inappropriate and management will discontinue this type of action immediately.

3. 54-03-LG41. PRE-ARBITRATION. Grievant, a NON-ODL T-6 was forced to work overtime without all the ODL's working to the point of penalty pay. Resolved; Grievant is awarded 50 units of Administrative Leave.

4. 54-04-LG1. Informal A. 7 DAY SUSPENSION alleging poor attendance is reduced to a Letter of Warning and further reduced from 2 years to 7 months in OPF.

5. 54-04-LG6. Formal A. Two NON-ODL carriers will be paid an additional 50% (double time and a half) for all hours over 8 in the day for being forced to work over 8 on their N/S day in violation of Article 8.5F. (8.53 hours and 10.06 hours.)

6. 54-04-LG2. Formal A. 7 DAY SUSPENSION for getting injured while delivering mail is rescinded. (Grievant did not violate any rule or regulation.)

7. 54-04-LG5. Formal A. 14 DAY SUSPENSION alleging a failure to take express mail to the GMF is rescinded. (The collection run sheet does not have this listed.)

8. 54-04-LG14. Informal A. 14 DAY SUSPENSION alleging a failure to turn in paperwork for parcel pick-up is reduced to a discussion.

9. 54-04-LG12. Formal A. 14 DAY SUSPENSION for deviation during a collection is reduced to a discussion.

10. 54-04-LG4. Formal A. Grievant will be paid an additional 3 hours of overtime due to the 8 hour guarantee on your N/S day.

11. 54-2004-RJ01. PRE-ARBITRATION. From this point forward, Grievant must notify management when he is unable to report for duty. If the Grievant fails to notify management in the future, he is subjecting himself to AWOL charges, and possibly, serious discipline. With the above understanding and the granting of leniency, the AWOL charge on January 23, 2004 is hereby changed to unscheduled sick leave.