1. 54-04-LG48. Informal A. 7 DAY SUSPENSION alleging a failure to secure the vehicle is rescinded. (False accusation)

2. 54-04-LG51. Informal A. Letter of Warning alleging that the carrier lifted his tray into the hamper improperly, thus, causing a back injury and not reporting the injury for several hours is reduced to 7 weeks in OPF.

3. 54-04-LG50. Informal A. Letter of Warning for attendance is rescinded.

4. 54-2004-RJ50. Formal A. Management agreed that any time the Grievant is sent to the medical unit at Southern, MD he will be paid for the time to travel there, the time there and the time to travel back as well as paid for mileage.

5. 54-2004-RJ52. Informal A. As a result of management failing to provide information to the Union within 24 hours, management will pay $50.00 to the charity of our choice.