1. 52-2004-MC1. Informal A. Management will cease and desist working regular carriers over the 12 hour daily limit.

2. 52-2004-MC10. Informal A. Grievant will be paid for using her vehicle in accordance with Article 41. Management will cease and desist ordering PTF's to use their private vehicles.

3. 52-2004-MC11. Formal A. Grievant, a PTF, will be paid an additional 50% for all time worked over the daily maximum for PTF's (11 and 1/2 hours) and be paid a lump-sum of $25.00 as an escalating remedy due to repeat violations.

4. 52-2004-MC8. Formal A. Letter of Warning alleging unauthorized overtime (7 units of penalty and 9 units of penalty) is hereby rescinded.

5. 52-2004-MC12. Informal A. Letter of Warning alleging that the Grievant left empty trays in the postal vehicle is rescinded.

6. 52-2004-MC9. Formal A. Grievant will receive one day off of her choosing for being ordered off the route she was carrying on this day and sent to another city to carry. Management will cease and desist moving PTF's to another city unless they volunteer.

7. 52-2004-MC4. Remanded from Step B to Formal A. The Step B team ruled that management was to inform the Grievant step by step why they owed $372.96 for a Letter of Demand. Management then complied with the Step B ruling which rendered the grievance moot.

8. 52-2004-MC14. Formal A. 14 DAY SUSPENSION alleging a failure to scan a collection box is rescinded (significant due process errors.)

9. 52-2004-MC21. Formal A. Management announced that carriers could no longer clock in 8 units early. We agreed to withdraw the grievance when management rescinded the policy. (Management had already lost this issue at PRE-ARBITRATION at the Potomac office.)

10. 52-2004-MC15. Formal A. Management would not allow the Grievant to use LWOP without first exhausting her annual leave. Resolved; Management agreed this was improper.

11. 52-04-SM5. PRE-ARBITRATION. Letter of Warning for arriving 22 minutes late on a collection run is rescinded.

12. 52-04-SM1. PRE-ARBITRATION. Letter of Warning alleging that the Grievant missed two collection boxes is reduced to a discussion.

13. 52-2004-MC17. Formal A. Letter of Warning alleging a missed scan on a collection box is rescinded.