1. 52-04-KL2. Informal A. 14 DAY SUSPENSION alleging improper comments and disrupting the workroom floor is reduced to 1 year in OPF.

2. 52-2003-MC116. Informal A. Grievant will be provided access to his OPF in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974 and the Administrative Support Manual Section 353.414.

3. 52-2003-MC117. Formal A. AWOL will remain on the Grievant's 3972 (attendance control form). However, it is hereby agreed that no discipline will result from said AWOL.

4. 52-2004-MC1. Informal A. Management will cease and desist working carriers over the 12 hour daily limit.

5. 52-04-SM2. Formal A. Both management and craft employees are aware of the Districts no backing policy and that backing will only occur where no other option exists.

6. 52-2004-MC3. Formal A. Letter of Warning for not casing all the mail and pulling the route down in the time authorized by DOIS is rescinded.

7. 52-04-SM7. Informal A. Carrier participation in the Employee Opinion Survey is voluntary.

8. 52-04-SM15. Informal A. Grievant will receive 8 hours of Administrative Leave due to management putting her off the clock for one day for not having a CA-17 submitted every 30 days.

9. 52-04-SM9. Informal A. Letter of Warning alleging a failure to clear on a registered piece of mail is reduced to 6 months in OPF.

10. 52-2004-MC6. Informal A. Grievant will be provided two make up overtime opportunities on his N/S days during the next quarter which will not count towards the overtime tallies for that quarter due to inequitable overtime this quarter.

11. 52-2004-MC2. Formal A. Letter of Warning alleging that three express pieces were delivered after the noon deadline; 12:06, 12:18 and 12:06 is reduced to six months in OPF.