1. 52-2004-MC39. Formal A. Letter of Warning alleging a preventable motor vehicle accident is rescinded.

2. 52-2004-MC37. Informal A. Management agrees to refrain from conducting pre-disciplinary investigatory interviews with a carrier on a given incident after the carrier has been disciplined for the same.

3. 52-2004-MC38. Step B. Letter of Warning alleging that the Grievant was driving without a seat belt on is rescinded. (Technical flaws)

4. 50-2004-MC42. Formal A. The following carriers will receive an additional 50% for all hours over the 60 hour weekly limit; 61.11 hours, 61.19 hours, 61.58 hours, 61.08 hours, 62.15 hours, 60.62 hours, 60.28 hours, 61.78 hours, 63.14 hours and 60.46 hours.

5. 52-2004-MC45. Formal A. Grievant will receive 50 units of Administrative Leave due to the improper denial of Light Duty for 50 units.