Union Meeting Minutes August 5, 2009

Meeting Called to order @ 7:00p.m.

Thanks to Bert Weisner for the food and drinks at tonight’s meeting…

Announced guests in attendance...NBA, Tim Dowdy who will speak after communications, RAA Vada “ THE HAMMER” Preston. Carrier's from the Silver Spring Branch.

1) Roll Call- All Present except for Financial Sec-Treasurer- Beth Parsons and Mutual Benefits Rep. Sergio Lemus.

2) Minutes from the July Meeting. Motion to dispense with reading the July Minutes, and accept as written and distributed. Motion by Mike Shawn. 2nd by, Shearly Shawn. Motion carries.


A) Next Union Meeting is Wed Sept 2, 2009 at 7:00p.m. (This is nominations night, for Officers and delegates for the National Convention in Anaheim, California August 9-13, 2010. Please write a letter to Tom Preston indicating your willingness to accept nomination for an officer’s position and or delegate to the National Convention if that is your desire. )

B) Next Executive Board Meeting is Wed Aug 26 at 6:30p.m.

C) Next Steward’s Meeting is Wed Aug 12 at 6:30p.m.

D) Grievances of note. Read at meeting.

E) Legislation has been introduced, potentially the most devastating in our Union’s history. An amendment to HR22 (now called S. 1507). Read at meeting, this is a “Poison Pill” to the Letter Carries. Our Branch Members need to call our Senators and voice our opinion of this atrocity!

F) Clockrings after 1800. Please tell your Stewards so we can prevail in any Window of Operation arbitration.

G) Please consider signing up for COLCPE. Our COLCPE coordinators are Shearly Shawn and Tom Preston. They have been signing up a lot of people lately. This money goes to support legislation beneficial to Letter Carriers and their families and to support candidates that support Letter Carriers and our jobs.

H) Any comments on our newsletter or web site? www.nalc3825.com Kenneth Lerch asked Mike Shawn if we could push back the newsletter until Sept. due to the heavy grievance load in Gaithersburg and Potomac also, the upcoming route adjustments. Mike Shawn agreed to push back the newsletter.

I) Steve Fairfax has paid a total of $10,780 of the $54,000 he owes us for fiduciary improprieties he committed before we merged. Gary Kirwin corrected these totals at the meeting.

J) NBA, Tim Dowdy comm. dated July 1, 2009. Read at meeting.

K) NALC Bulletin dated July 7, 2009. Fred Rolando installed as our 18th National Union president. Kenneth Lerch's scribe article was passed out to everyone. Read at meeting. Bulletin talks about six day delivery, NRP settlement, etc.

L) NALC Bulletin dated July 24, 2009. Read at meeting. Talks about no COLA.

M) Passed out and read our good friend, Tom Cleer’s article, President of branch 3520 (Northern VA.) Read at meeting. Talked about Pivoting, and how you the carrier should conduct yourself. Remember, we are in control of what we are delivering.

N) Passed out and read parts of the article from branch 214’s newsletter out of San Francisco, CA. Read at meeting. Talked about why everyone should be in the Union. The gov't wanted to increase our part of health care premiums and life insurance premiums. Our Union stopped this. The Union stopped contracting out our jobs and got us $11,048 in pay raises over the last 7 years with much more to come in the last two years of our current Union negotiated contract.

O) Kenneth Lerch introduced our NBA, Tim Dowdy and RAA, Vada Preston. Tim gave kudos to Kenneth Lerch and Amy Campain stating that the remedies ascertained in the grievance procedure in this branch are the best in the nation! Kudos were given to Hugh McElroy, Chuck Clark, and Mike Hotovy. Tim said that our new NALC president is here at the right time given the climate of our economy. Tim said that we as carriers should really contribute to COLCPE and discussed HR22, S. 1507, 5-day delivery, etc. Tim also, spoke about the FERS Bill and the other defense spending bill that was attached to this bill and why it did not pass. Tim Dowdy did a tremendous job of explaining why it is crucial to keep six day delivery for the USPS.

4) APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP – Retiree, Buzzy Denell.


A) Picnic sum up Aug 2. Committee-- (Coordinator – Kevin Abernathy, Chuck Clark, Chris Lively, Tom Preston, Beth Parsons, Robert Weisner, Gorge Abid, Sergio and Ismael Lemus.) Many, many Kudos given for the time and effort of these folks!!!!!!! Kenneth Lerch stated that Kevin Abernathy and all who assisted with the picnic hit a home run! BEST PICNIC EVER!!

B) MDA fundraiser sum up of June 27. (26 bowlers.) The most in the State! ($390.00 cost to bowl) Now let’s get those pledges in and raise some serious money for MDA. National bowling for MDA on November 1, 2009 (Sunday) was discussed by our MDA coordinator, Shearly Shawn.

7) MBA REPORT – None.



A) This passed at the March Union meeting. Reimbursement for State Convention- $5,000 divided by the number of delegates with a compensation cap of mileage, hotel, registration plus $25.00 per day. Everyone makes their own reservations and must have given their $50.00 check to the branch for registration by June 1. Also, you must be present for 75 percent of the meetings prior to the Convention in order to qualify for any reimbursement (Article 5 Section 3 of our by-laws.)

B) There was an Executive Board recommendation to send Beth Parsons and Gary Kirwin to the Sec.-Treasurer’s training in DC for two days and pay for transportation and lost time. Motion by, Shearly Shawn. 2nd. by, Mike Hotovy. Motion carries.

C) Trustees met on June 16 and July 7 for many hours. Read their letter at meeting which stated that there was receipts for everything and the finances are in perfect order.

D) MIARAP sum ups and questions. Adjustment dates were not known. Chuck Clark did a fine job of fielding all questions.

E) 8.5G costs and Kenneth Lerch's estimate of 24 hours per week to run the branch. Kenneth Lerch stated that he has been working over 40 hours per week. Kenneth Lerch stated that he put Amy Campain on full time (some weeks) to help with the 8.5G’s out of the Gaithersburg Main Office and Potomac and other grievances. Shearly Shawn and Tom Preston have been going to Damascus, Cabin John and Gaithersburg for Informal A’s and Formal A’s. Budgeted 6 and one half days per week. Kenneth Lerch has been using $4,000.00 per month over and above the 6 and a half days per week as authorized in Article 12 Sections 3a and 3b of our by-laws and the emergency motion passed last month which authorized Kenneth Lerch to spend any amount of money to keep the grievances timely and to get the contract complied with.

F) FSS is coming to many of our units. The start up date keeps changing but, it is coming! Management has informed Kenneth Lerch that there will be 100 fewer Carriers in our branch at this time next year.

G) The following were excused from tonight’s meeting: 1) Beth Parsons by Tom Preston. 2nd. by, Clay Baldwin. 2) Sergio Lemus by, Tom Preston. 2nd. by, Hugh McElroy. 3) Shanelle Lewis by, Don Lewis. 2nd. Ismael Lemus. 4) Mark Baker by, Arlene Galang 2nd by, Bert Weisner. 5) Tammy Butz by, Mike Butz. 2nd.by, Chris Lively. 6) Kevin Abernathy by, Bert Weisner.2nd. by Clay Baldwin. All were passed by Motion.

H) Shearly Shawn wants everyone to know that she needs the money for MDA right away!




12) TREASURER’S REPORT read by Gary Kirwin – Motion to accept by, Mike Hotovy. 2nd. by Shearly Shawn. Motion carries unanimously.

13) MOTION TO ADJOURN – Motion by Buzzy Denell. 2nd. by, Shearly Shawn. Motion carries. Meeting Adjourned at 8:45p.m.

Respectfully Submitted

Thomas A. Preston

Recording Secretary, Branch 3825