Union Branch Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2007


Meeting called to order 7:02p.m.

Thanks to Bert Weisner for the food and drink at tonight’s meeting.

1) Roll call- All officers and trustees present.

2) Minutes from the October branch meeting were dispersed. Motion by Mike Shawn to dispense with the reading and accept them, second by Mike Hotovy. Motion carries.

3) Communications-

A) The next union meeting is Wed. Dec. 5, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. (installation of officers. We have invited Tim Dowdy)

B) Next Executive Board meeting is Wed. Nov 28, 2007 at 6:30 p.m.

C) Next Steward’s meeting is THURSDAY November 15, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. (Change due to last night of LMU being Nov 14)

D) Grievances of note**** Read at meeting.

E) CSA (Combined Services Agency) Combined Federal Campaign new # 19579.

F) Clock rings after 1800. Tell your Stewards. WE NEED THEM FOR WOO CASES!

G) Please consider signing up for COLCPE .

H) Residual vacancies. Waiting for advice from Dowdy as to when to file for PTF’s to be converted.

I) Thanks to Chuck Clark, our Web site is WWW. NALC3825.com. Any comments or suggestions? )

J) National Convention material mailed to the Branch. Handed out at meeting.

K) NALC Bulletin dated 10/12/07. Read at meeting. Back pay for the general wage increase from 11-25-06 through 9-28-07 ( 1.4%) will be on 11/30/07 Paycheck.

L) NALC Bulletin dated 11/02/07. Read at meeting. Talked about Local Negotiations.

4) Application for Membership-

Reginald Harris, Tiffany Jenkins, Kossivi Kouakou, Zaiqin Zheng, Viral

Patel, Joshue Dosaro, Ret. Linda Ross.

5) Committee Reports-

A) By-Laws committee has met five times . George Abid-Chairman, Chuck

Clark, Steve Klein, Shearly Shawn, Amy Campain, and Ken Lerch. Proposed changes should be read at the January 2, 2008 meeting.

6) MBA Report- None.

7) Health Benefits Report- Open Season is 11/12/07-12/10/07.

8) New Business

A) Executive Board recommended that our Branch end emergency spending

Motion for the President as we have investigated and settled all of the

Article 8 grievances that amounted to well over $100,000.00. Motion by

Dominick Lignelli, 2nd. by Tom Preston. Motion carries.

B) New FMLA policy. Local management is going to refuse documentation and tell us to send it directly to the FMLA coordinators located in Washington, DC. This is a violation of the J-CAM and should be

Grieved every single time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C) Budget committee needed. The following have volunteered Chuck Clark

Steve Klein, Gary Kirwin, Amy Campain, Ken Lerch, Tom Preston,

George Abid, and Bert Weisner, meetings will be later.

D) Are the vacation calendars going around in Rockville? Did everyone

Put in for union leave prior to Nov. 1, in Rockville? Potomac is having

problems with management and the leave %. This will be grieved.

E) Color- coded calendars. Passed out.

F) Newsletter. Dead line extended until 11/14/07.

G) LMU updates. Germantown done. Rockville on 11/08/07. Gaithersburg

Is still working on theirs.

H) 15,500 TE’s Art.7 states 3.5% casuals converted to TE’s because of

F.S.S. ( Flat Sorting Machines).

I) Executive Board recommends that we send $100.00 to the trust fund for

Thiel’s family. Letter Carrier was shot dead while delivering mail to a business. Motion by Dominick Lignelli. 2nd. by Burt Weisner. Motion carries.

J) Motion to excuse the following from tonight’s meeting:

Daniel Essome by Sergio Lemus 2nd. by Clay Baldwin. Motion carries.

Buzzy Denell by Dominick Lignelli 2nd by Tim Bonnett Motion carries.

Shirley Crow by Mike Curley 2nd. by Chris Lively Motion carries.

9) Improvement of Service- None

10) Good of the Association-None

12) Treasurer’s report- Read at meeting. Motion to accept report by Bert Weisner.

2nd. by Mike Shawn. Motion carries.

11) Motion to Adjourn- Motion by Chris Lively.2nd. by Clay Baldwin. Motion carries

Meeting Adjourned at. 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas A. Preston

Recording Secretary, NALC #3825.