Meeting called to order 7:00 pm.

Thanks to Beth Parsons, Bert Weisner and Tom Preston for the food and drinks at tonight’s meeting…

Announced Guests in attendance… Carriers from the Wheaton Post Office.

1) Roll Call All present except for Distributor S/L.

2) Minutes from the Feb meeting. Motion to dispense with reading the Feb Minutes and accept as written and distributed? Motion by Steve Klein. 2nd.by Sergio Lemus. Motion carries.


A) Next union meeting is April 1, 2009 at 7:00 pm.

B) Next Executive Board Meeting is Wed. March 25 at 6:30 pm.

C) Next Steward’s Meeting is Wed. March 11 at 6:30 pm.

D) Grievances of note. Read at Meeting.

E) Email on newsletter. I have asked Mike to delay the next issue so we can assess some of the adjustments done.

F) Clockrings after 1800. Tell your Shop Stewards!!!!! We need copies for our Window of Operation grievances.

G) Please consider signing up for COLCPE. Our COLCPE coordinator’s are Hugh McElroy and Shearly Shawn.

H) NALC Bulletin dated Feb 12. Read at meeting. Talked about HR.22 Pre-funding retirement to the tune of 5.6 billion per year. We want to change this to amortize these payments over 30, 40 or 50 years. Hugh McElroy is the new R.A.A. ( Regional Administrative Assistant ). Long applause.

I) Thanks to Chuck Clark, our web site is WWW. NALC3825.com. (Any comments or suggestions?).

J) Article from Bob McLennan branch 3 Buffalo, N. Y. Read at meeting Talks about Mgt.’s constant mess ups!

K) Our unionized listing came in from the NBA. We are 96.5 % organized. 4.7% of our members are TE’s.

4) Application for Membership. L. Briscoe, J. Sesay, and Ret. D. Reid.

6) Committee Reports.

A) Picnic update. Given by Kevin Abernathy Picnic is Aug.2. Committee was formed. The names were given to Kevin.

7) MBA Report.- None

8) Health Benefits Report- None

9) New Business

A) Interim Route Adjustment updates. The outcome looks like a real mess at some Stations.

B) Executive Board recommendation. Reimbursement for State Convention- $5000 divided by the number of delegates with a compensation cap of mileage, hotel, registration plus $25 per day. Everyone makes their own reservation and must give $50 to the branch for registration by June 1. Motion to accept Exec. Boards recommendation by Mike Curley. 2nd.

By Hugh McElroy. Motion carries unanimously.

C) HR 22 Passed out and read at meeting.

D) We had 5 Shop Stewards attend the new Steward training in Charlottesville. Charlene Walker, Daniel Essome, Greg Brooks, Bert Weisner and Tony Gatling. Any Comments?

E) 14 Shop Stewards attended training in Hagerstown Md. Amy Campain and others gave a report. The training was excellent!

F) The Food drive will be held on May 9.

G) Amy Campain gave Kudos about Ken’s retirement.

K) Ken spoke about his Postal career

I) Les Gaynair also gave Kudos to Ken and Amy about the many times that they have helped during times of troubles.

J) Motion to excuse from the meeting. Shearly Shawn by Beth Parsons. 2nd. by Mike Curley. Motion carries.

10) Improvement of Service- None

11) Good of the Association- None

12) Treasurer’s Report. Read at Meeting. Motion to accept by Mike Hotovy. 2nd. by Mike Walker. Motion carries.

Motion to Adjourn. Motion by Clay Baldwin. 2nd. by Mike Walker. Motion carries. Meeting Adjourned at 8:02.

Respectfully Submitted,

Thomas A. Preston

Recording Secretary, Branch 3825