Minutes for Union Meeting May 2, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:01pm.

Thanks to Bert Weisner for the food and drinks at tonights meeting

Guests in attendance Dennis Fitzpatrick Pres. Of Silver Spring.

Roll Call- all present except for Amy Campain.

Minutes from the April meeting Motion to dispense with reading them and accept as written and distributed. Motion by Shearly Shawn. 2nd by Sergio Lemus. Motion carries.


a) Next Union Meeting is Wed. June 6, 2007 @7:oopm.

b) Next Executive Board Meeting May 30, 2007 @6:30pm.

c) Next Steward’s Meeting is May 9, 2007 @6:30pm.

d) Grievances of note** ( We are about 150 behind ) Read at meeting.

e) All hiring in our branch has been disapproved!

f) Clock rings after 1800, WE STILL NEED THESE!!!!!

g) Please sign up for COLCPE.

h) Inspection service Waiver of rights. Passed out at meeting and read DO NOT SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i) Article by Branch 67 member contracting out. Read at meeting.

j) NALC Bulletin dated April 6, 2007. Read at meeting.

k) NALC Bulletin dated April 27, 2007. Read at meeting.

l) Thanks to Chuck Clark , our new web site is www.NALC3825.com. Any comments or suggestions?

m) Next issue of Unity coming out soon!!!!!!!!!!

n) Officers training is May 20-22 2007.

o) NALC e-Activist April 23, 2007.Read at meeting.

p) Article from Central Mass. Letter Carrier newsletter. Read at meeting.

Application for Membership. Tom Sutton.

Committee Reports

Kevin Abernathy has volunteered to be the coordinator of our Picnic committee. Also, Steve Klein has volunteered. The event is July 29, 2007.

By-laws committee needs to meet. So far ( George Abid- Chairperson, Chuck Clark, Steve Klein, Shearly Shawn, Amy Campain, and Ken Lerch.

MBA Report- None.

Health Benefits Report- None.

New Business.

Introduction by Ken of our guest Dennis Fitzpatrick, President of NALC branch#2611 from Silver Spring, Md. Dennis spoke about the 8th Annual Julius C. Byrd Bowling Against Dystrophy. (MDA fundraiser) The event will take place ,06/30/07, at Bowl America,1101 Clopper Rd. Gaithersburg, Md. Motion to authorize up to 5 teams. Motion by Shearly Shawn. 2nd by Hugh McElroy. Motion carries.

State Convention. Who is going? Delegates meeting needed?

Rockville has been selected as a test site for DPS (FSS) flats to begin in June of 2008.

Washington Nats game at a cost of$ 300.00 one dollar of which goes to the Union Community Services Agency. This is a Metro Labor Council event called Union Labor night with the Nats! Who wants to go ? The list at the meeting is as follows: Jose Heroesrea, Steve Klein, Raj Babra, Bert Weisner, Vy Quach, Kim Tam, Les Gaynair, John Gerken, Mark Baker, and Chris Lively.

Congressional Breakfast is on May 10, 2007. at the Holiday Inn on the Hill. Per diem $25.00 and you must have receipts. Selling of the 50/50 tickets?

On 12/20/06 (Ken Lerch) was informed by Kathleen Nolan that the Dept. of Labor was going to audit our Branch. We had the final meeting. The Labor Dept said that we really have our act together.

Food Drive is on May 12, 2007 and our coordinator is Rick Sullivan.

MDA fundraiser. Was addressed at the beginning of New Business.

Sum up Trustees meeting. Burt Weisner gave the sum up. Books are in good order. Receipts for all expenses was noted.

Copier proposal $245.00 /month for 60 months. Rob Gipe gave an update of the new machine. Motion by Steve Klein to accept proposal. 2nd by Clay Baldwin. Motion carries.

EEO training (4 sessions approx. $1,600.00 to send Amy Campain). Motion to accept by Mike Shawn 2nd by Izzy Lemus . Motion carries.

Motion for 5 tickets for DC Labor Chorus (to build solidarity among all DC Trade Unionists) $100.00 half the proceeds go to the Dinner Program for Homeless Women in D.C. Motion to accept by Sergio Lemus. 2nd by Mike Curley. Motion carries.

m) Motion to excuse Gary Kirwin from meeting. Motion

by Steve Klein. Second by Chester Crews. Motion

carries. Motion to excuse Mike Hotovy. Motion by

Hugh McElroy. Second by Chester Crews. Motion

carries. Motion to excuse Amy Campain. Motion by

Tom Preston, second by Sergio Lemus. Motion carries.

Improvement of Service – None.

Good of the Association – None.

Treasurer’s Report. Report read at meeting. Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Clay Baldwin. Second by Steve Klein. Motion carries.

Motion to adjourn. Motion by Steve Klein. Second by Mark Hicks. Motion carries. Meeting adjourned at 8:39 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Thomas A. Preston

Recording Secretary, NALC Branch #3825