Union Meeting minutes for 04/04/07

Thanks to Tom Preston and Bert Weisner for the food and drinks at tonight’s meeting.

Meeting comes to order at 7:00pm.

Guests in attendance

NBA Tim Dowdy.

Carolyn King, Del Wilson

Postmaster of Rockville, Kathryn Harris

Roll Call, all present with the exception of Sergeant-in-arms (A/L).

Minutes from the March meeting… motion to dispense with reading and accept as written and distributed.

*Correction to the minutes to excuse Tom Preston and Kevin Abernathy from February’s meeting. Motion to accept by Beth Parsons. Second by Shearly Shawn. Motion carries.


Next union meeting is Wed. May 2, 2007 at 7:00pm.

Next Executive board meeting is Wed. April 25, 2007 at 6:30pm.

Next steward’s meeting is on Wed. April 11, 2007 at 6:30pm.

Grievances of note. (We are about 75 behind.), Read at meeting.

Letter carrier, Ardie Carpenter honored at tonight’s meeting.

Postmaster Kathryn Harris gives speech at the meeting.

Carriers who came up to the union office to file grievances or filed from home off the clock. They are Greg Brooks, Shearly Shawn, Beth Parsons, George Abid, Steve Klein, Bert Weisner, Tim Bonnett, Tony Gatling, and Tom Preston. This allowed me to have leverage for the overtime Art. 8 violation.

Moment of silence for the great human rights leader and civil rights leader, Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., who was assassinated 39 years ago today while in Memphis Tenn. helping the unionized sanitation workers .

Introduction and speech given by NBA, Tim Dowdy. Tim talked about National contract, Art. 8, FSS, Contracting out, NALC health plan, and Work Force Structure change.

Clockrings after 18:00, let your Steward know.

Please consider signing up for COLCPE.

New PTF’s hired. Ask them if they joined the union.

Art. 12 letter dated 3/28/07, read at meeting.

Letter from NBA, dated 3/26/07, read at meeting.

Picket at L’Enfant Plaza letter from Tim Dowdy read at meeting.

Thanks to Chuck Clark, our new website is, www.nalc3825.com.

Next issue of unity coming out?

NALC bulletin dated 03/22/07 coordinator needed for workers Memorial Day.

Pittsburgh scribe article. Read at meeting.

Circuit City, 3400 employees fired. They can reapply after 8 to 10 weeks at a lower pay rate.

Application for membership

K. Walker, K. Salako, A. Outlaw, F. Opunl, W. Mobley, K. Hodges, H. Ford, J. Douglas, K. Chau, C. Brown, R. Anderson, B. Solomon, R. Natividad, D. Hatfield, G. Caley.


J. Miles, T. Wilson,

Committee report

Kevin Abernathy has volunteered to be the coordinator of our picnic committee.

By-laws committee needs to meet.

Trustees committee is meeting on 04/18/07 at 6:30pm. Bert Weisner is the chair.

MBA report. None.

Health benefits report. None.

New business

Executive board rec to authorize the President to allocate any funds necessary to pay shop stewards and other carriers to write grievances, and who have already written grievances, on Sundays, N/S days and weeknights due to the emergency situation we were in, and to some extent, still are in. This is above and beyond the $2,500.00 already permitted in the by-laws.

Motion by Bert Weisner. Second by Kevin Abernathy. Motion carries unanimously.

Rockville has been selected as a test site for DPS flats to begin in June 2008.

EB rec to purchase 50 tickets for a July 20th Washington Nats game at a cost of $300.00. One dollar of which goes to the Union Community Services Agency. This is a Metro Labor Council event called Union Labor night with the Nats. The tickets will be distributed at the Union meetings on a first come, first served basis.

Motion by Mike Shawn. Second by Steve Klein. Motions carries.

Congressional breakfast is on May 10th at the Holiday Inn on the Hill. Per diem, $25.00 and you must have receipts. So far, Brenda Sweeney, Mike Shawn, Shearly Shawn, Mike Curley, Mike Hotovy, and Ken Lerch. Ken wants 3971’s.

On 12/20/06, the Department of Labor informed the Union that they were going to audit the Branch on Feb 8, 2007.

The Rockville Postmaster indicated her desire to hire 12 casuals in Rockville. We are meeting with her tomorrow morning in an effort to discourage her from doing so.

Food drive is on May 12th and our coordinator is Rick Sullivan. Cards have been ordered.

Have all the delegates (nominated for the state convention) received their convention packet? Check Steward slots.

DC Voting Rights rally and march, Monday April 16, 2007.

Shop Steward training sum up. Next month.


Officers training is May 20th thru May 22nd 2007.

Improvement of service. None.

Good of the Association. None.

Treasurer’s report. Read at meeting. Motion by Tim Bonnett. Second by Steve Klein. Motion carries.


Motion to adjourn. Motion by Mike Hotovy. Second by Kevin Abernathy. Motion carries. Meeting adjourned 9:06pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas A. Preston

Recording Secretary, NALC branch #3825