Minutes from union meeting March 7, 2007


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.

Thanks to Bert Weisner for the food and drinks at tonightís meeting.

Guest in attendance: Julie from Bethesda.

Welcome our brothers and sisters from Gaithersburg. National president William Young approved the merger effective 01/17/07.

Roll call. All present with the exceptions Financial Sec.- Treasurer A/L and distributor S/L and Sergeant-at-arms, Don Lewis in place of Les Gaynair.

Minutes from the February meetingÖmotion to dispense with reading them and accept as written and distributed. Motion by Steve Klein. Second by Mike Hotovy. Motion carries.


Next union meeting is April 4, 2007 at 7:00pm.

Next executive board meeting is Wed. March 28th at 630pm.

Next Stewardís meeting March 14 at 6:30pm.

Next issue of Unity? Comments on last issue? Will be put out pretty soon. Approximately 100 grievance summaries.

Grievances of note** (We are caught up!) Read at meeting.

Clock rings after 18:00. We need to know. Tell your Shop Steward.

Please consider signing up for COLCPE.

New PTFs hired. 27 in Rockville. Please make sure they are signed up in the Union.

Latest attacks-PTFs moved off Opts, clerk/casuals, carrying mail and HIGH EARNERS LIST.

Management falsifying clock rings to artificially shorten our street times and the 3 ways this hurts us. 1840-B times, no hiring and later start times.

Larry Richards has passed away.

Thanks to Chuck Clark, our new website is www.nalc3825.com.

Steward training list. Read at meeting.

MDA coordinator is Shearly Shawn.

Our step Bís are now in 5 cities.

NALC bulletin dated 02/16/07 read at meeting. Itís about contracting out.

Thanks to Chuck Clark, we now have this statement of crossing crafts. This will prove about the clerk/casuals carrying mail.

Communication from Tim Dowdy dated 03/02/07. Read at meeting.

DOIS article; just another vulgar 4 letter word. Read at meeting.

Donít let management require evidence from you without a grievance. Passed out L/M minutes.

Application for membership.

Brian C. Solomon

Liliana Gartner

Mike Butz


Eugene Svincek

Robert Lanzaro

Roger Starcher

John Freeze

Steve Bello

Lawrence Bryant

Randall Weller

Edward Scheiderer

Jerry Miles

Committee reports

Kevin Abernathy has volunteered to be the coordinator of our picnic committee. Also on the committee are Rick Sullivan, Sergio Lemus, Ismael Lemus, Tony Gatling and George Abid.

By-laws committee needs to meet. So far George Abid,

chairperson, Chuck Clark, Steve Klein, Shearly Shawn,

Amy Campain, and Ken Lerch.

Trustees committee needs to meet. Who is the Chair?

MBA report. None

Health benefits report. None.

New business.

Jack Felton is prohibiting Sergio Lemus from attending

the Accident Review Meetings.

Rockville has been selected as a test site for DPS flats

to begin in June of 2008.

Our State Assoc. audit report was passed out.

Sign up sheet for Shop Stewards for Diamond Farms.

Chief Steward, Hugh McElroy, Steward, Chester Crews,

Alternate, Matthew Ackah, Alternate, Chris Lively. No

elections, all appointed.

2007 budget for our branch. Budget committee consisted of D. Lignelli, S. Klein, C. Clark, K. Lerch, A.

Campain, and B. Weisner. Motion to accept budget by

Sergio Lemus. Second by Bruce Balantine. Motion

carries unanimously.

On 12/20/06 Kathleen Nolan from the Dept. Of Labor

was going to audit the Branch. The first meeting was

02/08/07 and was for a couple of hours at the Union


Congressional breakfast is on May 10, 2007 at the

Holiday Inn on the Hill. Who wants to go? Per diem

$25.00 and you must have receipts. So far I have

Brenda Sweeney, Mike Shawn, Shearly Shawn, Mike

Curley, and Ken Lerch. Ken wants 3971ís.

Food Drive is on May 12, 2007 and our coordinator is

Rick Sullivan.

Improvement of service. None.

Good of the Association. None.

Treasurerís report. Read at meeting. Motion to accept by Mike Hotovy. Second by Mark Baker. Motion carries.

Motion to adjourn. Motion by Sergio Lemus. Second by Steve Klein. Motion carries. Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Thomas A. Preston

Recording Secretary NALC Branch 3825