1. 50-2005-CK28. Step B. 7 DAY SUSPENSION for delivering two express pieces late (12:02pm and 12:03pm) is reduced to a Letter of Warning to be removed from the Grievant's OPF in 7 months. (Note* This is a totally unacceptable Step B answer. Grievant has 28 years of service and not even a prior discussion about express mail failures.)

2. 50-2005-CK39. Formal A. A PTF was on the schedule to begin an opt. Management moved the PTF to another Station stating that the carrier had not physically started the opt, and thus, could be moved out of the Station and void the opt. Resolved; The PTF will be placed on the opt and two weeks of higher level pay is hereby granted.

3. 50-2005-CK36. Formal A. 7 DAY SUSPENSION alleging that the Grievant got injured due to committing an unsafe act when they failed to use a handrail on slippery steps and a failure to report the accident timely (3 days later) is reduced to a Letter of Warning and further reduced from two years to six months in OPF.

4. 50-2005-CK35. Formal A. Letter of Warning for getting injured (hurt back) is rescinded. (Grievant did not violate a rule or regulation.)

5. 50-2005-DP05. Step B. Letter of Warning alleging an Edit Sheet failure is reduced to six months in OPF. Carrier had not previously been given a discussion. (Incredibly, the Step B team ruled that this was a major offense!!!!!!!!).

6. 50-2005-SL30. Informal A. Letter of Warning alleging misdelivery of mail is reduced to a discussion.

7. 50-2005-SL31. Informal A. Grievant will be provided a reasonable amount of time to learn the forwards on this route.

8. 50-2005-SL35. Informal A. Grievant will receive 20 hours of overtime due to inequitable distribution of overtime for quarter 2 of 2005.

9. 50-2005-CK33. Step B. Five carriers will receive the following amounts all at the overtime rate due to inequitable distribution of overtime for quarter 1 of 2005. (30.38 hours, 13.33 hours, 12.89 hours, 6.20 hours and 6.05 hours.)