1. 55-04-GA120. Step B. 14 DAY SUSPENSION alleging a failure to deliver express mail by noon is reduced to a 7 DAY SUSPENSION to remain in the Grievant's OPF for nine months. (Management cited a Letter of Warning and a 7 DAY SUSPENSION that were for totally dissimilar in nature. This was a first offense for delivering express mail after noon and the Grievant and the registry clerk thought the mail piece was a second attempt. There was even more mitigating circumstances!). THIS WAS SIMPLY A HORRIBLE STEP B DECISION!!!

2. 55-05-AC1. Formal A. Letter of Warning alleging a failure to move to the correct routes on the Electronic Badge Reader after assisting other routes is reduced to 2 months in OPF.

3. 55-04-GA122. Step B. Letter of Warning alleging poor attendance (six tardies all for 15 units or less with no sick leave used and no EAL) is reduced to 4 months in OPF.

4. 55-04-GA126. Formal A. Letter of Warning alleging unauthorized overtime and a failure to call back by 3:00pm to notify management that you could not complete the assignment in the allotted time is reduced to 5 months in OPF.

5. 55-04-AC12. Formal A. Letter of Warning alleging deviation is reduced to 3 months in OPF.

6. 55-04-GA124. Formal A. Grievant alleged that he was harassed when he called back to notify management that he could not complete the assignment in the allotted time. Resolved; The Station Manager, Branch President, Grievant and supervisor will meet and address proper procedures for management when carriers call back from the street.

7. 55-04-GA127. Formal A. Management will comply with the prior resolution concerning management's prohibition from writing all over the carriers submitted 3996.

8. 55-04-AC10. Formal A. Management gave the Grievant a discussion for calling back after 3:00pm to notify management that he could not complete his assignment in the allotted time. Resolved; Grievant will call back after 3:00pm if the Grievant discovers after 3:00pm that he can't complete the assignment in the allotted time.

9. 55-04-GA91. ARBITRATION. We took the position that a carrier had to commit a minor offense before management could give the carrier a job discussion. Article 16 Section 2 states: For minor offenses by an employee...

The contract also states that discussions are not grievable. Decision; Grievance denied. (Now management is taking the position if we get a job discussion for poor attendance, and we have never called in sick, we still can't grieve that.

10. 55-04-KL104. Good-Faith Resolution. Grievant’s bid is hereby ruled as valid. The Grievant is hereby considered on the ODL list. (The Grievant and the Union were told by management that he would be converted to regular on December 25, 2004. Management reneged leading to the above described agreements).

11. 55-04-GA110. PRE-ARBITRATION. 14 DAY SUSPENSION alleging that the Grievant brought back some relays without notifying management is reduced to a 7 DAY SUSPENSION and further reduced to one year in OPF.

12. 55-2005-RJO9. Formal A. 7 DAY SUSPENSION alleging that the Grievant moved his vehicle so the parking lot could be plowed without putting his seat belt on and driving fast for the 30 feet the vehicle was moved is hereby rescinded. The Grievant agrees to give the next safety talk.

13. 55-04-GA105. PRE-ARBITRATION. Management never allows curtailment even though the unit is in an EPM (Expedited Preferential Mail) city. Resolved; Management will follow all prescribed procedures for EPM. Management can alter this on occasion, but not on a daily basis.

14. 55-2004-RJ02A. Step B. Management refused to provide copies of personal notes when they claimed that a carrier had previously been given a discussion. Resolved; Management will provide the Shop Steward the supervisors personal notes if the notes are part of the employees OPF or if needed to process a grievance/determining if one exists.

15. 55-05-GA03. Step B. Management approved a PTF’s sick leave request on a Tuesday. Later in the week management decided that they would not pay the PTF sick leave. Resolved; Management will pay the Grievant 8 hours of sick leave and adjust his pay for the week by paying the Grievant the additional overtime hours this created (4.25 hours overtime and 3.75 hours of penalty pay).

16. 55-2005-RJ03. Formal A. Due to an Article 8 violation (overtime) management will pay six NON-ODL's 4.68 hours at the rate of an additional 125% (That's $62.00 per hour). Five ODL's will be paid 4.68 hours of double time.

17. 55-2005-RJ05. Formal A. The 1017-B entry (unauthorized overtime) will be deleted 3 months from the incident date. (The Grievant did not call back when discovering that he could not complete his assignment in the authorized time.)

18. 55-2005-RJ04. Formal A. Management will cease and desist working NON-ODL T-6's overtime within their string without maximizing the ODL'S to 12 hours.

19. 55-2005-DL01. Informal A. Letter of Warning alleging unacceptable attendance is reduced to 4 months in OPF.

20. 55-2005-RJ10. Step B. Grievant was charged 44 units of unauthorized overtime on the 1017-B log. Resolved; The entry on the 1017-B for 44 units will be removed immediately.