Shop Steward, Shearly Shawn, has won an important grievance for us. On and off for decades, management has instructed Carriers to curtail mail to create undertime and then forced those Carriers to carry mail on other routes. Our new settlement reads; From this point forward, management will not instruct the Grievant, a Work/Assignment Carrier, to curtail mail on his own route to create artificial undertime. I would like to thank Branch 86 out of Hartford, Connecticut for copies of their Step B wins and a recent arbitration on this issue. I also want to thank Branch 100 out of Toledo, Ohio for their arbitration successes concerning curtailment and pivoting.

When Wall Street and the big banks wanted 700 billion dollars we were told by Bush that they had to get the money within one week or the economy would collapse. Our tax dollar money was taken right out of our pockets and handed over to the fat cats with no accountability. When Obama requested 800 billion to rebuild the infrastructure of the United States and provide jobs and relief to the poor and working class, the republicans said “we can’t just print up money.” Why is it acceptable to print up money and hand it over to the super rich, but unthinkable to the republicans to provide jobs for Americans? All the republicans want to do is give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires! Obama has been given a clear mandate by the American voters. He must use it!!

Please visit our web site set up by Union Brother Chuck Clark at (WWW.NALC3825.COM). We have added important Step B and arbitration decisions and some contentions. You can also see the number of stops on each route, and detailed colored maps for every route in the country!






Kenneth Lerch

President NALC 3825