Branch Union Meeting Minutes

September 3, 2008


Guests- Kathy McKirchy Community Services Agency- Metro Labor Council of which 175 locals are affiliated that represents over 150,000 workers in the DC metropolitan area. Two Carriers from Wheaton.

1) Roll Call- All officers present except Recording Secretary Thomas Preston on annual leave. Vice President, Amy Campain, will take the minutes.

2) Last Month's Minutes- Motion to dispense with the reading by Steve Klein and accept them as written and distributed, 2nd by Shearly Shawn- motion passed unanimously.

3) Communications-

A) Next Union Meeting is Wed. Oct. 1, 2008 at 7:00pm.

B) Next Executive Board Meeting is Wed. Sept. 24 at 6:30pm.

C) Next Steward's Meeting is Wed. Sept. 10 at 6:30pm.

D) Grievances of Note read for Branch which included 6 REMOVALS knocked out and over $30,000 in article 8 wins.

E) Emails sent to our Branch from around the country thanking us for a great website and asking our advice on various issues.

F) Clock rings after 1800 are needed to win WOO grievances.

G) Please sign up for COLCPE- Coordinators for the Branch are Shearly Shawn and Hugh McElroy. Some ideas are possible raffles and utilizing laptops to help carriers sign up. COLCPE is used to help Letter Carriers by advancing legislative issues that support and benefit Carriers/Workers.

H) Communication from NBA Tim Dowdy dated August 4, 2008 read.

I) Thanks to Chuck Clark for his amazing work on the branch website.

J) NALC Bulletin dated August 14, 2008 – COLA at $1,498.00. WE LOVE THE UNION!

K) Article from Duluth MN Branch 114 that talks about the Postal service planting GPS devices in Pallets and then tracking the lost pallets. Pallets cost the Postal Service 40 million dollars a year.

L) Kathy McKirchy from the Community Services Agency (CSA) spoke on the need for financial aid from labor unions. CSA is a non-profit organization that helps union workers on strike, lay-offs and families in dire financial need. She asked carriers to give to CSA during the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) designation number 19579. Kathy McKirchy also thanked President Ken Lerch and our Branch for creative grievance resolutions by having monies donated to the charity of our choice which is CSA. She said that we have already donated over $1500.00. At that point, President Lerch stood up and announced that we had just won another $350.00 for failure to give information timely and $150.00 for failure by management to meet at Informal A. President Lerch then presented Ms. McKirchy with a check from our Branch for $500.00.

4) Application for Membership

Li Zhuang

5) Nominations for Offices for NALC Branch 3825

Nominated Motioned by

President-Kenneth Lerch Amy Campain

Vice President-Amy Campain Kenneth Lerch

Rec.Sec.-Thomas Preston Amy Campain

Fin. Sec.Treas-Beth Parsons Dominick Lignelli

Editor- Mike Shawn Dominick Lignelli

Dist.- Shearly Shawn Mike Shawn

Sgt-at-Arms- Les Gaynair Steve Klein

HBR-Tony Gatling Beth Parsons

MBR-Hugh McElroy Chester Crews


Gary Kirwin Dominick Lignelli

Kevin Abernathy Mike Shawn

Chuck Clark Steve Klein

Steve Klein Beth Parsons

Robert Weisner Greg Brooks

The above officers were nominated and won office by acclamation.

Delegates to the 2009 State Convention –Ocean City

Nominated Motioned by

1) Shanelle Lewis Kevin Abernathy

2) Clariza Turner Kevin Abernathy

3) Erbin Valdez Dominick Lignelli

4) Buzzy Denell Dominick Lignelli

5) Ismael Lemus Dominick Lignelli

6) Sergio Lemus Dominick Lignelli

7) Gary Kirwin Steve Klein

8) Les Gaynair Gary Kirwin

9) Greg Brooks Les Gaynair

10) Mike Curley Les Gaynair

11) Don Lewis Les Gaynair

12) Matthew Ackah Hugh McElroy

13) Chester Crews Hugh McElroy

14) Mark Baker Mike Shawn

15) Arlene Galang Mike Shawn

16) Shearly Shawn Greg Brooks

17) Antonio Outlaw Greg Brooks

18) Hugh McElroy Greg Brooks

19) Steve Thompson Dominick Lignelli

20) Robert Weisner Dominick Lignelli

21) Tony Gatling Sergio Lemus

22) Tak Tam George Abid

23) George Abid Shearly Shawn

24) Kevin Abernathy Mike Shawn

25) Tim Bonnett Les Gaynair

26) Claudia Jimenez Sergio Lemus

6) Committee Reports-

A) Great Picnic- Thanks to Kevin Abernathy and all of his helpers.

B) MDA Chairperson Shearly Shawn reported that we raised $1020.40 for the Bowling for Gold MDA event with more pledges due.

7) New Business

A) New wage schedule passed out. 6-1 Carrier now up to $52,749. 6-2 Carrier is now up to $53,883!

B) Tim Bonnett has stepped down as trustee and Steve Klein has been appointed by President Lerch to serve for the rest of the term.

C) Communication from NBA Tim Dowdy dated August 29, 2008 passed out at meeting. Discussion on the paper about Early Outs for Letter Carriers, FSS implementation and our area is now under Art 12- Withholding. This means that PTF's will not be converted to regular to fill residual vacancies.

D) District Manager Henry Dix held a Presidents meeting. The Union's agenda was not discussed and another meeting has been requested. During the meeting, postal costs, FSS implementation, and Art. 12 were discussed among other topics.

E) By-Laws- Chairperson George Abid announced that the By-Law changes would be given at the October Branch meeting for approval.

F) TE's told to use their own vehicles- it is optional for the TE and they must be compensated.

G) Damascus- Postmaster nightmare- Problems arising due to management's refusal to hear grievances, take phone calls, accept emails or even sign for union sent certified mail. Another intervention meeting has been requested.

H) Dominick Lignelli is honored for his service to this branch and for his retirement. He gave a farewell speech and was presented with a hat, an NALC watch and a plaque given by Branch officers.

8) Good of the Association

Les Gaynair commented on the speech given by NALC President Bill Young that he heard at the APWU convention he attended. Speech was very good.

9) Treasurer's Report-

Motion to accept the treasurer's report by Steve Klein, 2nd by Dominick Lignelli- motion passed.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Shearly Shawn, 2nd by Chester Crews-motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:52pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Campain