Branch Union Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2008

Meeting called to order @ 7:00 p.m.

Thanks to Bert Weisner for the food and drinks at tonight’s meeting.

Welcome to the carriers from Silver Spring Post Office.

1) All present at roll call.

2) Minutes from the September meeting….. Motion to dispense with reading the September Minutes and accept as Written and Distributed with the addition of Steve Klein as a Delegate. Motion by Shearly Shawn. 2nd. by Sergio Lemus. Motion carries.


AA) Color-coded calendars are in. Passed out at meeting.

A) Next Union Meeting is Wed. Nov. 5, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.

B) Next Executive Board Meeting is Wed. Oct 29, at 6:30 p.m.

C) Next Steward’s Meeting is Wed. Oct. 8, at 6:30 p.m.

CC) Thank you letter from Dominick Lignelli read at meeting.

D) Grievances of note…..Read at meeting.

E) CSA (Community Services Agency) Read at meeting Thank the Branch for the $500 donation to this charity.

F) Clockrings after 1800. Please tell your Stewards! WE NEED THESE CLOCKRINGS TO PREVAIL IN WOO CASES!

G) Please consider signing up for COLCPE . Our COLCPE coordinator’s are Hugh McElroy and Shearly Shawn. Passed out packets telling about plans.

H) Union City comm. dated 09-05-08. Read at meeting.

I) Thanks to Chuck Clark, our Web site is WWW. NALC3825.COM. (Any comments or suggestions?)

II) Newsletter comments or suggestions?

J) NALC Bulletin dated 09-08-08. Read at meeting. Early out talked about, $2.1 Million To MDA.

K) Post Office is being sued for $250,000. (Potomac accident).

L) Tim Dowdy will install the officers on Dec. 3. Kathy McKirchy and Jos Williams will attend as well as other Presidents.

M) Comm. From NBA dated 09-04-08. Joint Safety Committees. Read at meeting. Mgt. And a carrier goes out on the street to make safety corrections. There will be no discipline for violations.

N) Comm. From our good friends of Branch 86. (Hartford Con.) Step B’s on curtailing to pivot and FTF and Withholding . Read at meeting.

O) EAP workshop 10-19-08. Read at meeting.

P) Comm. From NBA dated 09-17-08. Read at meeting. Talked about Hatch Act.

Q) NALC Bulletin dated 09-26-08. Read at meeting. Talks about USPS financial condition. Also, open season is 11-08-08 thru 12-08-08.

R) Branch 3520 article by Tom Cleer. Passed out and read at meeting. Talks about FSS and involuntary reassignments.

4)Application for Membership

Durga Pudasaini

6) Committee Reports - None

7) MBA Report – None

8) Health Benefits Report – None

9) New Business

A) Passed out tax proposals by Obama and McCain. WE WILL ALL DO FAR BETTER UNDER THE OBAMA TAX PROPOSALS! Read at meeting.

B) We are now under withholding!!!!!!!! This means that PTF'S will not be converted to regular when a route comes down "no bid."

C) By-laws update. George Abid has made the corrections and will mail them to NALC.

D) Damascus situation. Ken said that the Branch is making every effort to improve the working conditions there. A lot of Union LWOP is being used.

E) Rescue Bailout. Talked about at meeting.

F) Motion to excuse Mike Hotovy from meeting by Chris Lively. 2nd. by Chester Crews. Motion carries.

Motion to excuse Clay Baldwin from meeting by Mathew Ackah. 2nd. by Hugh McElroy. Motion carries.

Motion to excuse Shanelle Lewis from meeting by Kevin Abernathy 2nd. by Ismael Lemus. MOTION DOES NOT CARRY VOTES WERE TALLIED.

10) Improvement of Service – None

11) Good of the Association – None

12) Treasurer’s Report – Read at meeting. Motion to accept by Shearly Shawn. 2nd. by Sergio Lemus. Motion carries.

13) Motion to Adjourn – Motion by Sergio Lemus. 2nd by Buzzy Denell.

Motion carries. Meeting Adjourned 8:43p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Thomas A. Preston

Recording Secretary Branch#3825