Meeting called to order @ 7:00p.m.

Thanks to Bert Weisner for the food and drinks at tonight’s meeting…

Announced guests in attendance… Mark Brooks from Wheaton Post Office

1) Roll Call- All Present. This is the last meeting for Les Gaynair as Sergeant-At-Arms. Les served for 30 years and was a Shop Steward for 30 years also. Kenneth Lerch has appointed Don Lewis to replace Les Gaynair for the remainder of the term.

2) Minutes from the April meeting. Motion to dispense with reading the May Minutes and accept as written and distributed? Motion by Mike Hotovy. 2nd. by Mike Shawn, Motion carries.

3) Communications

A) Next Union Meeting is Wed. June 3, 2009 at 7:00p.m.

B) Next Executive Board Meeting is Wed. May 27 at 6:30p.m.

C) Next Steward’s Meeting is Wed. May 13 at 6:30p.m.

D) Grievances of note. Read at Meeting.

E) This was sent to us by the Portland, OR. Branch 82. The email was read at the meeting.

F) Clockrings after 1800. Let your stewards know!!!!! We need these clockrings to show that there is not a WOO in Rockville!!!!!!!!!!

G) Please consider signing up for COLCPE. Our COLCPE coordinator is Shearly Shawn.

H) Any comments on our newsletter or our web site? www.nalc3825.com. We received many complimentary emails. Shooting for July for next newsletter.

I) May 15 is the deadline for the new VERA.

J) Comm from MLC (Metro Labor Council) dated April 21, 2009. Read at meeting Thanking us for our Donation.

K) Comm from branch 782 Bakersfield, CA. Read at meeting Thanking Steve Klein for his article in Unity.

L) Steward election at Potomac. Robert Weisner won and is now the Chief Steward and Greg Brooks will serve as a regular Steward.




A) Picnic update (Aug 2). Committee (Coordinator – Kevin Abernathy), Steve Klein, Chuck Clark, Chris Lively, Tom Preston, Beth Parsons, Robert Weisner, George Abid, Sergio and Ismael Lemus.

B) Food Drive update. (May 9) – Shearly Shawn gave a report.

C) MDA fundraiser June 27 at 7:30 pm (need teams). Coordinator – Shearly Shawn. People for bowling teams so far are Ismael Lemus, Sergio Lemus, Jeff Bing, Marcel Ward, Shearly Shawn, Ken Lerch, and Charlene Walker.


7) MBA REPORT – None.







A) This passed at the March Union meeting. Reimbursement for State Convention - $5,000 divided by the number of delegates with a compensation cap of mileage, hotel, registration plus $25.00 per day. Everyone makes their own reservations and must give $50.00 to the branch for registration by June 1.

B) Comm from our new State President, Tonya Detrick. Read at meeting. Talks about lobbying on HR 22 (Pre-fund future retiree health benefits, EFCA, sick leave for FERS retirees, do not mail registries, vote by mail, Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset). Motion to reimburse for transportation costs and pay lost time and cap the amount going at ten. Motion by Ken Lerch. 2nd by Amy Campain. Motion carries unanimously. Mike Hotovy also volunteered to attend.

C) How are the 50-50 tickets going for COLCPE? Discussion and tickets are still being sold.

D) COP sum-up in Saratoga, NY. Given by Ken Lerch. Talked about Art. 8.5g, excessing, FSS, interim Route Adjustment, creating artificial undertime for pivots, etc. Our branch submitted most of the agenda items.


E) National Rap Session sum-up. Given by Ken Lerch.

F) M-01703. Chuck Clark will go through and then we will have questions and answers. Chuck went through M-01703. Talks about how the routes will be adjusted. MIARAP. No more local teams, they are now called local contacts.

G) The following were excused from tonight’s meeting: 1) Tammy Butz, by Tom Preston 2nd. by Chris Lively. 2) George Abid, by Sergio Lemus 2nd. by Ismael Lemus.3) Arlene Galang, by Bert Weisner 2nd by Kevin Abernathy. 4) Hugh McElroy (also, for the April meeting) by Mathew Ackah, 2nd. by Mike Curley. All were passed by Motion.

H) Les Gaynair thanked the branch especially Ken Lerch and Amy Campain for all they have done to keep the struggle alive.


11) GOOD OF THE ASSOCIATION COLCPE. Shearly Shawn spoke about some of the bills in Congress that support Letter Carriers and their families.

12) TREASURER’S REPORT - Report given by Beth Parsons. Motion to accept by Mike Hotovy. 2nd by Steve Klein. Motion carries.


13) MOTION TO ADJOURN- Motion by Clay Baldwin. 2nd. by Buzzy Denell. Motion carries. Meeting Adjourned @ 8:32



Respectfully Submitted,


Thomas A. Preston

Recording Secretary, Branch 3825