The Modified Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Process

Acronyms: MIARAP=Modified Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Process, LOC=Local Office Contact 

DEAT=District Evaluation and Adjustment Team, COR=Carrier Optimal Routing

The Process

MIARAP and The Use of COR


The MIARAP Agreement M-01702

USPS/NALC PowerPoint on COR Use in The MIARAP Process

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The Presentation in Four Part .pdf  Format    

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4


Initial Consultation Form and Script, Jointly Developed at the National Level Fillable

Jointly Developed MIARAP Training Document M-01703

COR Reports and Samples

Adjustment Consultation Form and Script, Jointly Developed at the National Level

An Article on The MIARAP Agreement by Fred Rolando

OIG Report on the use of Carrier Optimal Routing-COR


November Data Analysis Form Excel

January Data Analysis Form Excel


Data Analysis Instructions for the DEAT


COR Street Validation and Database Preparation

A Screen Shot of the Workhour Workload Report and Anomaly Worksheet Used by The DEAT

     National District Team Training May 5, 2009

COR Adjustments and The Alternate Adjustment Process

Seniority /Route Assignment Sheet

  11,000 - 12,000 Route Reduction? Video

COR Database Preparation Tips

DOIS Information

NALC RAP Session MIARAP Presentation April 2009

COR Route Adjustment Tips

DOIS Minor Route Adjustments

The COR Settlement

DOIS MSP Information

Arbitration: 50% Change in Route Not Considered 41.3.O Abolishment-Remanded


A Union Official's Guide to Understanding COR


Branch 3126 article by Dave DeGroat on the interim process and the use of COR Note: This article was written before the MIARAP Agreement was signed.

MODS CODES Completing a PS Form 3999 for COR

Program for Easily Adding and Subtracting Hours and Minutes .zip File

The DEAT Role in a COR MIARAP Adjustment


DEAT COR Adjustment Checklist


Using a DCD to Complete a PS Form 3999


Case Configuration 4, 5, 6 Shelves


Local Office Contacts (LOC) Initial Consultation Checklist

Fillable MIARAP Initial Consultation Form

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DEAT Documents

Narrative Highlights from the Joint COR Presentation